Welcome to T.A.S.T.E.

At T.A.S.T.E., we turn out expert, highly-motivated salespeople. Our graduates know not only the basics of selling, but the importance of friendliness, respect and the art of placing the customer first. These are the people who will help you overshoot your sales targets and grow your business.

During my 20 year career, I have been tutored by some of the best-known trainers in the industry. But the training I provide is more. I have the real-life view that can only come from having been in the trenches of this trade. I have learned that unless you have lived it, you cannot provide the experience, feeling and emotion of this profession. Through my exclusive programs, I impart that experience, feeling and emotion to each and every individual.


"Dave has…developed and implemented a full ten steps to selling (with) classroom and role playing, monitoring individual goal setting and daily individual follow-up…developing a sense of pride, integrity and responsibility in each employee…"

-Anthony Mitchell, General Manager, Fairfield Chevrolet Cadillac

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