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Iím Dave Adams and I want to help you increase your sales and grow your business. For 20 years Iíve raised profits for various dealers as a salesperson, sales manager and financial services manager. Now I want to share my success with you.


How do you increase your sales? Easy. You turn every one of your salespersons into a top producer. Is this possible? Absolutely. As General Sales Manager at Val Strough in Oakland, I led a team that achieved all factory targets dealership-wide for both total sales and Customer Service Index.

In this position and others, I learned that the key to success rests in the skill of the salespeople. Are they friendly and respectful? Do they place the customer firstósee things through his or her eyes? Are they experts in the vehicles they show?


Sad story

I once worked at a dealership that suffered a 70 percent turnover in their sales force over a period of 90 days. Unfortunately, this story is repeated at a number of dealers. In spite of attracting many high quality people, auto dealers tend to lose the majority of them. This not only represents high personnel costs, it also represents lost sales. These people leave because they are unable to bring customers to closing.

Happy solution

The solution to this sad story is training. In my experience, most people can be trained to become expert, high-producing salespeople. This training, however, needs to focus not just on the skills involved in selling, but also qualities like basic etiquette, motivation and inspiration. This is what I offer at T.A.S.T.E. I feel very strongly that the auto industry attracts quality salespeople and that we must train and educate our salespeople to become the best.

My goal: to help you overshoot your goals

As you can see from my Profile below, Iíve enjoyed great success as a salesperson, sales manager and finance manager. I am also highly skilled at training salespeople. Right now, my passion is helping you and your staff achieve the kind of success that Iíve attained. I want to see you wildly overshoot your sales targets and grow your business with hundreds of satisfied customers spreading the word.


I am a dedicated, results-driven sales management professional with 25+ years of successful experience in the automotive sector. During these years I became skilled at:


Special Finance Manager CONNELL AUTO CENTER, Oakland, CA 8 years
  • Facilitated sub-prime loans for sale of both new and used vehicles.
Used Car Manager
  • Developed strong used car sales component, with exceptional gross profit per unit.
Special Finance Manager
  • Introduced new used car division to the dealership and facilitated sub-prime loans
General Sales Manager VAL STROUGH, Oakland, CA 13 years
  • Achieved all factory targets dealership-wide for both total sales and Customer Service Index
Used Car Manager
  • Generated sales averaging 50+ units per month with excellent profitability
Sales Specialist
  • Attained experience in the automotive market while achieving top-ranked sales.
Sales Manager F.H. DAILEY CHEVROLET, San Leandro, CA 1 year
  • Provided leadership on team of four responsible for selling 100+ cars per month.
Outside Sales Rep. H.W. BAKER LINEN CO., San Francisco, CA 5 years
  • Grew territory from $300K to $1M, representing highest growth rate in the company.

Some clarification: During my years at the Val Strough and Connell dealerships, I essentially stayed at the same store. While the ownership of the dealer changed several times, I remained, even though my positions changed over the years.


Sales Management

Used Car Management

Special Finance Management


I myself have trained with the best, including Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jackie Cooper, and Grant Cardone. Now I am applying the skills I learned from these experts and my own experience specifically to the auto sales business.